FlexiTree is an application to publish genealogical data on the internet.

Each person has a personal sheet showing this person's data (possibly with photos), its parents, relations and children; there are also reports on each persons ancestry and descendancy both as text and as various graphical views. Further, all lines of consanguinity between any two persons can be shown.

Next there are global reports: of all persons, nick- and surnames and of the places of birth, baptism, relationship, decease and funeral and of the residences.

There are also various photo reports, calendars, and statistical data as tables and graphical views.

Using a look up function persons in the database can be searched for.

The example site shows the possibilities.

In its original form FlexiTree is part of the Bonus reports of the computer program Aldfaer.

The version described here is more generally applicable and only requires a gedcom-file as its input. It has also shorter response times than the original version, it is very well suited for (very) large databases and all reports are available in all usual browsers.

This version however does, in contrast to the original version, require a website supporting PHP and MySQL.

The PHP/MySQL-versie of this application can be downloaded via the button below. The help page explains the installation process.

Latest version: 1.7 dd. 02-02-2017